Friday, August 10, 2007

Rock Lobster!

As many of you may know seafood is one of my favorite things. I always request Red Lobster for birthday dinners (or an even better seafood restaurant depending on who is paying) and I simply love fresh seafood dinners.

Tonight we cashed in on Ryan's birthday gift from his parents and received our LobsterGram. It came this afternoon and when we opened it Evan said, "Oh, Bugs!" I don't think that was what he was expecting to see in our package. We explained it to him but he had already lost interest.

After the boys went to bed we cooked up the lobsters (who were alive by the way) and grilled up the filets and had ourselves a wonderful feast....mmmmmm. The only thing missing was either my mom's lemon meringue pie, her peanut butter bars or Denise's (my mother in law) chocolate chip cookies. I could go for either one right now.

Yes, I did cut all my hair off and I am so pleased with the decision. All of you remind me of this next time I want to grow my hair out. I feel more myself with really short hair. I feel cuter, thinner and think I am more photogenic. Do not let me forget this!


Jared said...

Ha ha! I love the "Oh bugs!" That's awesome. It reminds me of the very best action movie of all time. "Starship Troopers." Amazingly good (snicker snicker) movie.

I'm jealous though. Lobster is one of my favorite foods, and the sound of the steam escaping their shells as you boil them is second to none. Makes me feel masculine. :) Happy birthday you two.

Tracy said...

I've never had lobster, but when I do, it'll have to be cooked for me first. You look adorable! We miss your family. (Especially the massages!)

I'm not fat for my height. I'm short for my weight.