Tuesday, October 02, 2007

You give me Fever

The fever saga continues.

I haven't written much about Griffin's fevers since our last specialist appointment but in monitoring them and speaking to other doctors we realized that it just wasn't correct that he has a higher fever naturally. There were many things leading up to this but the biggest was that I just knew there was something going on. I have really relied on the spirit to help me in making decisions on what doctors to take him to and when to push for more testing. I have had such a strong answer that there is something wrong but it is a simple answer.

Yesterday we took him to a gastroenterologist (the same on that Evan sees). Well, we didn't find out the answer for the fevers but we did find out that he also has reflux disease. He was put on the same meds that Evan is on and we were told to keep him away from milk. Apparently milk is aggravating his particular reflux. He can have dairy products, for now at least, but only soy milk to drink. They drew some blood to make sure he doesn't have a lactose intolerance or a milk allergy. We'll find out those results in a day or so. They also scheduled an upper GI series which is the same test Evan had run earlier this year. I feel like a pro.

Today we had an appointment with a different ENT. I took him to one in July who was rude, condescending and wouldn't listen to a history or even really look at Griffin. He kept telling me to keep him quiet so I could listen to him. I was so mad when I left his office, I was shaking.

After that experience I said I wanted the best they could find, I didn't care how long I had to wait for an appointment. Well, I had to wait until today. It was so worth it. The doctor was caring and friendly. He listened to every concern I have and asked probing questions. He really checked Griffin out and ran a quick test.

He found that Griffin has a lot of fluid in his ears that is deep and thick. He said it has probably been there awhile and is most likely the cause of the fevers! Halelujah! I knew it was the ears. Griffin is constantly holding his ears. Loud noises seem to hurt his ears.

The outcome is that he will be getting tubes put in on Friday. I never thought I would so look forward to a surgical procedure for my kiddo. I just really hope and pray that this will make the difference for him. I so badly want it to be the answer we were looking for and I really feel like it is.

Keep him in your thoughts and prayers, please! Thanks.


~ Amy said...

After all the speculation and worrying, wouldn't it be a big relief if the tubes in his ears makes the fevers disappear? And something as fairly simple as that?!?

Also, on the upside, at least you are finding about his reflux now. Before it gets to be a problem for him like it did Evan....

Good job staying on top of all those doctors! And for being tuned in to the Spirit.

Leslie said...

that's amazing. what a good momma you are to listen to the spirit and your intuition. prayers for griffin and hopes that those stinking fevers go AWAY!
poor little dude. :)

Carole said...

Ruth-- way to go!!! I want to commend you on your inuition and your ability to call upon the spirit and then to LISTEN to it!! Good for you! We went through something similiar with Abby. Good luck on Friday. I will pray for you and your little guy. Are they taking out his tonsils as well?

erin said...

hooray for you guys. i can't decide who is in worse pain...you or griffin. i hope that the surgery goes well.

Mary said...

I hope the surgery goes well and that it resolves poor Griffin's problems!

Hey, we are going to be in your area on Friday, so I take it that isn't a great day to hang out since Griffin is having surgery. We would have loved to see you. Maybe next time!

Malinda said...

Rockwell Just got Tubes put in his ears. He didn't have fevers but he had the fluid. What a difference it makes in there hearing. I was running water to give him a bath and he ran out of the room screaming because it was to loud for him. Hope everything goes well and Griffin bounces back fast. Good for you for not giving up!!

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