Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Link to photos

If you are interested in seeing more of the gorgeous pictures my friend Amy took you can go to her photography blog HERE. If you scroll down to the bottom you can see the pictures she took of us when Griffin was just 5 weeks old.

Sick sick sick.....

The past few days we have been dealing with a very sick Griffin. My days have consisted of giving medicine, running to the doctor's office (4 trips in 2 days), and listening to the monitor to make sure Griffin is alright.

On Sat he started with a mild cold and cough that got bad pretty quickly. On Monday I took him to the doctor (thank goodness Ryan was home for a holiday) mainly just to see if he had an ear infection. I wasn't prepared for what they told me. He has a double ear infection, bronchiolitis, and RSV . My Poor Baby! His lungs sounded terrible and his oxygen levels were measuring lower than they would like. I listened through the door while the nurse practitioner and the doctor debated, a bit heatedly, if he should be admitted to the hospital or not and when all was said and done they let me bring him home. They first gave him a breathing treatment and a shot of antibiotics that was very unpleasant.

Monday night was a nightmare and he sounded terrible. I was in his room constantly making sure he was still breathing all right. Tue morning we were back at the doctor's office and they were still unhappy with his oxygen levels so they gave him another treatment and a prescription for a steroid. By that afternoon he still didn't sound too great so it was back to the doctor's for another treatment. Then later that evening he was having coughing fits that were so bad his lips were turning bright blue. I took him to Hershey Medical Center where they gave him two more treatments and sent me home with a nebulizer.

Hopefully all this will take care of itself now that he has all the correct medications, etc....He has sounded so much better since last night and I feel like his breathing has been mainly corrected.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gorgeous Photos!

My friend Amy came and took our pictures this weekend and here are a few of the gorgeous results! She is so talented and works so well with the little ones. We had a great time. I will post a link to the rest of the photos once I have them all uploaded but for now these will have to do. I can't get over Griffin's beautiful eyes and Evan's lovely smile. What amazing kids and what a wonderful picture can do! She is the same girl who took my profile photo! She is for hire so if you're in the area she will come to you! She does weddings, family photos and all kinds of work.

New Ventures

As many of you know I am an avid scrapbooker. This is one of the reasons why working at Michaels is so ideal. I mainly use products from a company called Close to My Heart. They are not sold in stores but you buy from a consultant. There are not really any around here and people are interested in scrapbooking but don't know how to start, etc...I just thought it was a great area for me to try my hand at being a consultant. So last night I became one. I won't be doing it full time but I figure I will do workshops once or twice a month.

For those of you who already use Close to My Heart if you want to place an order just email or call me, or if you have a consultant keep using them. Next month we are having a very amazing special where if you buy two stamp sets you get one free and there is no limit! If you spend $100 you will also get the stamp of the month set free as well. March could be a great month!

For those of you saying, "Huh?" If you feel like checking out a website here is my aunt's as I don't have one yet. You can take a look at all of the products, etc...I just love that they use the clear acrylic stamps sets which come flat and you place on a block each time. The alphabet sets are so easy to use and I just think they are the greatest thing to ever happen to scrapbooking!

Ok, so enough of my obsession. I just really love these products and figure if I even make enough to pay for my habit, then I have won.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day/Snow Day



Here is Evan playing in the snow. All he wanted to do was clear things off.
What a cutie.

Fin loves the feel of wind on his face and just had such a good time outside.
What a little doll. Plus, the cute hat and mittens come from my mom.
She knit them for Christmas and we love them!

We had no real sled so we felt a bit like white trash sledding in a box.
We have a great hill in our backyard that is perfect for sledding.
If the box is Crate & Barrell is it still white trash?

For this Valentine's Day Ryan and I went out last Saturday night. We aren't too big on celebrating VDay but we do think it is important to get out together every once in awhile. It just gets so expensive to hire a babysitter and then do dinner and a movie. It just seems easier to stay home, especially since our kids are in bed by 7:30. Anyway, we went to the one nice restaurant in the town where we live and the wait was 1 1/2 hours. Well, we drove on down to Hershey to another restaurant and enjoyed Sakura Do which boasts Italian and Japanese cuisine. odd combo. I had sushi and Ryan had Italian. We both enjoyed our food and had a great time with no wait.
We then rented American Dreamz which was great. It is a total satire of American Idol. I loved it. I can't get the stupid theme song out of my head, "American Dreamz.....Dreamz with a Z...." So great. This picture would be of Simon and his favorite...perhaps Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson. Just good fun.

I have always like Mandy Moore as an actress. I especially like her in Saved which is again a satire only this time about a Christian school and the students there. Love it. You should see it if you haven't.

Friday, February 09, 2007

When will the blogging stop?

Ok, so I have blogged a ton today but I just have so much to say. I just had to post these pictures of Griffin. We went to Chuck E Cheese tonight because Evan just kept asking. These are pictures of Fin sitting on the table just giggling.

What a cutie!


Ok, so why this picture?

This is a picture of me about 15 minutes ago. I must tell a little story which is a bit embarrasing but I think humorous. I went to Costco today. It was my big monthly trip. I haven't been out much lately due to the bitter bitter cold weather so I got myself ready, put on some make-up and actually fixed my hair. I also put on a shirt that I really like and think is so cute. Cut to Costco....

Both boys were sitting in the cart snacking and having fun. I turned my back for two seconds to get something off the shelf. When I turned back around there was this man talking to them. He gave me the creeps from the very beginning and I said, "Hello" and we walked away. He walked with us for 2 aisles! Who does that! Then he has the audacity to ask me if I'm PREGNANT!!! I pretended not to hear him and just walked really fast down the aisle. I told him we needed to get going and he left us alone. Ugh!

That was so wrong on so many levels. I am honestly not sure if he was all there but seriously, do I look pregnant in this outfit? Yes, I need to lose some weight, but COME ON!

So I had Ryan take this picture and he was being annoying and taking bad bad pictures with only my neck or my wrist in them so that is why I have this look on my face. He says I'm too focused on it. I dont' really believe this guy but I just never wanted to have that experience.

Happy Birthday, Mandy and Camie!

I just wanted to post this picture (although a few years old) of my two best buds Camie and Mandy. They both recently celebrated a birthday and I wanted to celebrate them. They are just the best girls I know. They are both amazing friends and I love them dearly for so many many reasons!


Chocolate World....again

How cute is this picture? He is wearing the factory worker cap they give you on the tour at Chocolate World.

This is a picture of me, Griffy and Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley is a character out of a children's book. Ryan was sent one to take pictures of while we were out and then send them back.
Kind of fun.

I was recently asked by someone, "What is chocolate world and how do I get there?" Well, we now live in Jonestown PA, about 20 minutes from Hershey PA which is where much of Hershey Chocolate is made. They have an amusement park, a zoo, and a factory tour called Chocolate World. We like chocolate world because most of it is free and it is just really fun. There is a ride where they show you how chocolate is made and then at the end give you a free sample of chocolate. Anywhere they give free chocolate is ok by me!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Why I love my boys...

Do you ever just have those days when you are simply filled to overflowing with love and gratitude? I feel that way today. These boys of mine, ours, are truly amazing. Today I watched as Evan tenderly gave Griffin a toy that he thought he might want and then continued to pile the toys on his chest until he was almost covered. With each one he said in this high voice, "Oh, there you go Griffy. Do you like it?"

Twenty minutes later they were lying on the floor face to face cooing at each other. Where's my camera when these moments happen! I just sat and watched in awe. Awe at the love they have for each other and awe that somehow these children have turned out so wonderful.

This afternoon they did one of my favorite and most annoying things. Griffin is in the exersaucer and just jumps and jumps and jumps, screaming the entire time. Evan jumps and screams as well. They both get each other going. Then they will giggle in exhaustion. Loud, high pitched screaming is not my idea of a good time but they are having so much fun together how can I make them stop?

Then tonight we did their favorite thing which is bath time. They just love to take their baths together. They splash and splash and I hate the water that gets everywhere but I can't wipe the grin off of my face to see them playing so well together. Evan helps me wash Griffin and it is simply adorable. I just love the way they smell after baths and yummy lotion. (my favorite lotion is burt's bees for sensative skin....mmmmm)

Evan is a very sweet and tender boy. He is always loving me and wanting to snuggle or hug or give kisses. I don't mind one bit. Yesterday we were sitting at the top of the stairs and he was on my lap facing me. He just played with my hair so sweetly and then would say, "Ok, now Big Kiss." or " Ok, now lots of wittle kisses." or "Now tight bear hug." Just a little sweetheart. I think he gets this from watching his daddy. Ryan is always so tender with me and very sweet and I honestly think his treatment of me has rubbed off on Evan and will on Griffin as well. What a wonderful gift to give our children.

This is a picture of the night that Ryan and I got engaged. October 27, 2000. What a fun night this was! I was totally surprised and absolutely thrilled!

So this is my sugary sweet post today but it sums up how I am feeling right now. I am so glad to have my boys. I just love our loud, fun, crazy, sweet and tender house. Come visit anytime!

I just have to say, this is hilarious! I don't care who you vote for, this one is funny. This came from an actual KFC in New York somewhere.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Poopy Party

Ok, so many of you may have read the comment from Mendy about pooping in the potty. Well, her idea about the poopy party has totally worked. Of course, he is still wearing a diaper to bed and almost always poops before I even get him out of bed but the afternoon poopy is a go. He was so excited to have his poopy go to the party with everyone elses. It was really cute. He sat and sat and sat on his Dora potty with his books and finally went. What a glorious occasion. He has been perfect ever since and we wear only underwear except to bed. I think he did a great job considering we started less than 2 weeks ago.

I just wanted to give everyone an update on the poopy situation. I'm sure you have all been losing sleep at night over it.

Back to Bob

Ok, so now I have actualy read Bob Greene's book The Best Life Diet and I really really like it. He has what I think are some really great ideas that seem to make so much sense. Basically his ideas differ from what all the other books say for this one main reason. He starts out slow and then things get tougher. In almost all "diet" books there are phases or weeks or plans, etc... and he is no different in that. His plan has 3 phases. The difference is that the first phase is the easiest and then you continue to get tougher as the phases progress. He thinks it is best if you get yourself truly ready to change. I happen to agree. Going cold turkey is tough and this way you speed up your metabolism so it is ready when you begin to cut back on calories. The first phase is 4 weeks and all you do are these three things:

Eat a healthy breakfast
Excercise more than you were
Stop eating 2 hours before bedtime

For some people this is enough for them to lose a significant amount of weight in the first four weeks. You are only supposed to weigh yourself at the beginning and then the end of the phase but I cheated and I have already lost 5lbs. Woo Hoo! He does say that even though you aren't told to cut back calories that you will be thinking more about it and will naturally do so. Here is a video of Bob talking about his diet which I think explains it better than I can.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Potty Training

Well we have begun the oh so fun event of potty training. I really wanted to start because I am tired of changing a purchasing diapers for Evan. I also thought he was ready. We started a week ago and he is doing really well. On long trips out of the house we sometimes wear a pull up, it depends on how long we'll be in the car. On Saturday, after only 2 days we went to chocolate world and he was just fine. On Sunday he wore his big boy underwear to church and was also fine. He gets a chocolate treat every time he goes so sometimes even when he doesn't have to go he will sit and sit and sit and sit until the littlest bit of pee will come out and then I'll give him a treat.

We have not yet mastered the potty poo poo. I think he is a bit uncomfortable with the idea. Ryan laughs and says, "The kid will sit with a dookie in his pants but if he gets a tiny bit of jelly on a finger he goes nuts." That's my boy. He will sometime eat the PB and J without picking it up. In other words face down on the plate. He hates to get his hands dirty. I am just more careful now and don't put anything that might come out of the sides.

I told him he could pick out a special potty and when we got to Target they had this big Dora Potty. He of course wanted that one. He is a little obsessed with Dora. I don't mind but what I do mind is that the show is not really a girly show, Dora just happens to be a girl, but all of their products are so girly. How can I tell my 3 year old that he can't have Dora pj's because they are pink and purple and a nightgown! Or that he can't have a Dora toy for the same reason. If they would just make something for boys that is Dora. He does have a few items and I have tried to get him interested in Diego but he still prefers Dora and her huge head and belly shirts.

Wish me luck and if you have any advice on the poop thing, let me know.

Speaking of poop, do you watch Scrubs? The best one ever was a few weeks ago and was all musical. They sang this hysterical song about poo that was the funniest thing ever. I loved it. I told Ryan it will forever be on our Tivo list and we will never delete it! Here is a video of it from YouTube! I laugh every time. When will I grow up? When will farting and burping stop being funny.....Who knows. Here you go, folks.

So as I am writing the last line up there Evan comes up to me and says, "Mommy, I'm messy and poopy." Yep, he pooped in his pants. Didn't even mention to me that he had to go poopy. He was done but wanted to go pee on the potty. Please, advice. Throw it at me. He is now taking a nap. I just thought that was pretty ironic.

I'm not fat for my height. I'm short for my weight.