Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Out for awhile..

One more post for today! I will not be posting regularly for the next couple of weeks. We are heading to NJ in a couple of days and life will be busy until we leave. While we are in NJ we will be picking up Mandy from the airport and spending a day or two in NYC! Fun stuff!

When we get back it will be time spent with Mandy having fun.

I did want to tell everyone to check out my sister's Etsy shop. She is making some really fun items that I think you'll all love!

New Scrapbook Pages

Ok, so I made these really cute scrapbook pages and wanted to share. My scanner is on the outs so I had to take pictures of them. Not so great, but you can get the idea. I used Close to my Heart base pages in Outdoor Denim. These are great pages that come ready made. I just added the red paper and other accents. Love how easy this is.

I love it so much I think I may have a crop night and focus on using the base pages. Hmmm, we'll see.

and, yes these pictures are from 2 years ago....I'm a bit behind.

Camie to the Rescue!

Well, Camie came up this weekend and we made an emergency trip to Home Depot. We found a nice red color and used the brownish orange as a nice thick primer. It only took one coat of the red and the results are so much better. Now Griffin's room is done and is so cute. Next will be our bedroom! Then we will only have the kitchen and the bathrooms left to paint.

We just like to have color on our walls. I am posting a few pictures of the boys rooms. Griffin is Americana theme and Evan is a fun safari theme.

Friday, July 13, 2007

A few items of interest

1. We have been painting the entire house this summer and so far we have been very happy with the color choices. Griffin's room is still in the process and I am not sure I am going to like it. We chose a brick color and were going to do primitive americana stuff but the color is turning out way to brown and a bit orangey. We have already done 2 coats and will need a third and that is after using a primer.

So, even though we aren't in love with the color it is here to stay. Any ideas of what we can do to make it work? We are using country blue accents and I have stars and all kinds of stuff for the walls and cute blue curtains.

Wallpaper border? blue sponge on top? blue stripes?

2. My new job. First of all, I didn't call anyone because they called me around 9:30pm to offer me the job and I wrote my blog entry last night. (sorry Cam)

What I will be doing. I will be (as far as I understand) placing electrodes on the head and chest of the patient and taking their vitals to prepare them for the sleep study. They will then be able to measure all the "stuff" they need for the sleep study.

3. Darn. There was one more thing I wanted to write about and now I cannot remember. Don't you hate it when that happens. Seriously, I'm very annoyed right now.

Oh, I just remembered! Whew. I would have been up all night.

I am going to start my doula business since I am now fully certified and I need a name. I want something not too cheesy that says I will help you feel better and make your labor as comfortable as possible. Hmmmm, I'm stumped. I want to pick your brains for ideas, so keep them coming!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Summer Fun!

I love summer! It is so great to be married to a school teacher and have such fun summers. We have already done so many fun things in our new hometown (or close to it at least)

On Tuesday we went to a place called Lake Tobias. It is a big animal reserve that they have turned into a park. There is a petting zoo where you are in a large open area with all the animals. Evan had such a fun time feeding all of them. He was the littlest kid there and yet he was the most comfortable with the animals. He was hugging the little goats and just loving them. He would break up his cracker into tiny pieces to feed them rather than just giving them a whole cracker. So cute.

We then went on the safari tour which was very cool. They cut off the top of a school bus and painted it in camouflage for the tour. Unfortunately it was also the hottest day of the year and most of the tour was in open areas so there was no shade. It was SO FREAKIN' HOT! If you stood up for even a minute it hurt too much to sit down on your seat. It would burn your bottom!

Ryan kept the kids cool by pouring water on them but you could tell they were still so hot. Griffin was so tired and fought it so hard. He didn't want to miss a thing. Finally he gave in and fell asleep in my arms and then nothing could wake him up. He slept through getting put in his carseat and everything. Poor kid.

Another fun summer day.

Later that day I had my interview at the sleep lab at Hershey Medical Center. I was hired and I am now a sleep lab technician. Very cool. I'm excited. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love all things medical so this is my way of being quasi medical. I get to wear scrubs. Cool. Plus, they pay well and that is great.

My hours are 7-11pm and that works better for me as well. No more Michaels discounts so if you want anything tell me before July 26 which will be my last day there! FYI, they take AC Moore and JoAnns coupons and they always have 40% off coupons.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Recent anecdotes....

Earlier this week Evan said to Ryan,

"Daddy, I want to be big."

"Evan, you are a big boy. You are bigger than Griffin."

"No, Daddy, I want to be gargantuan."

Such a funny kid.

At Sesame Place on Tuesday we came in regular clothes and then changed into our bathing suits for most of the day. It is a good mix of water rides and regular rides but it is all intermixed. I was wearing a black t-shirt before we changed. After changing I had on some swim shorts and a tankini top.

We had a really fun day and rode all the rides we were allowed to. Evan loves the roller coasters and especially the water slides. We were even able to take Griffin on several rides. He is just big enough. We had this thing that to show you were having a good time you would lift your arms and scream. Fun times.

Right before we left the park I went into the restroom. After washing my hands I lifted my arm to fix my hair and saw that my black t-shirt had left quite a residue in both of my armpits. Anyone would have thought I had really hairy armpits. I was so embarrassed thinking of the many times I had raised my arms. I quickly wiped them off. I couldn't believe that through all the water rides it stayed on. Crazy.

I left the bathroom and told Ryan. He said, "Yeah, I saw it earlier."

"And you didn't think to tell me?!"

"Well, I thought it was hair and I didn't want you to be self conscious all day."

"Since when do I have BLACK armpit hair? I have blonde hair!"

"Yeah, I thought that was strange."


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Some Pictures of recent events


Here is Evan riding the train that he worked himself.
He loved this one.

Griffin couldn't get enough of the water.
They had a enormous pool that was all for babies.

Evan looking cool in line for a ride.
He loves his new visor.

This one was Griff's favorite.
It was a little waterslide for the kiddos.

The Traveling Zoo

Here is a cute one of Fin just having fun.

Evan got to ride the camel and the ponies.
He was in heaven!

Feeding the llamas was pretty neat!

I'm not fat for my height. I'm short for my weight.