Friday, September 28, 2007

Scripture Power!

Evan loves to read the scriptures. We have him repeat after us and that is how he "reads" his scriptures. He has started wanting to do it by himself and makes up scriptures. Here is the one he said the other night while "reading" from the Book of Mormon.

"And it came to pass that unto the Lord and Nephi...and the Lord was trembling, trembling, trembling....and Nephi....and Jesus....and Heavenly Father....and the temple."

It was really very cute. He has a little bit of hero worship for Nephi and I think it's great!

He was talking about Christmas a few days ago and asked if we get presents. I said yes and then asked him if he knew why. I told him we all get presents because it is Jesus' birthday. He looked at me and said, "Oh yeah! Can I get him a present?. "

"Of course you can."

"Oh, and don't forget Nephi, Mommy. I will get him a present too!"

So cute.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Chicken Pops

Both Fin and Evan came down with a very mild case of chicken pox on Sunday. It started out slow and has continued to go slow throughout the week. Evan has the worst of it, but it is still a mild case. He has about 15 or 20 on each arm, about 6 on his face and 10 on his trunk and legs. He ran a fever for a few days and has been really sleepy.

Fin only has about 12 total. I keep expecting them to spread but they don't and I think we're through the worst of it.

Today we finally left the house and I took them for a little picnic and to play at this really awesome playground in Hershey. They had a blast and were so worn out afterwards.

When we got home they both slept for over 3 hours! I didn't know what to do with myself!

Tonight after dinner we had fun while Daddy played the piano and we sang and danced. They just love that. Fin just runs around squealing. It is so cute.

Ryan had to go to a young men's activity so I put the boys in a much needed bath. They played for awhile and then I decided it was time for another treat.

All of us got in our PJ's and I popped popcorn. We had our blankies and puppies (my kids are obsessed with stuffed puppies and each have at least 3) and cuddled to watch a movie. This week was the premiere of a new Backyardigans movie, "Super Secret, Super Spy."

We loved it! I loved watching the boys cuddle. They were hooked on this movie from beginning to end. It was great.

Now they are in bed and hopefully will sleep long and hard.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Etsy Shop!

I finally did it! My Etsy shop is open for business! Woo Hoo!

I couldn't decide on a name. I am planning on having several different types of items for sale. I currently have scrapbook pages but I am working on some Christmas card packs to put on there. I also have beads for some watches I'll be making. Plus, I'm thinking of some handbags and other sewn items. We'll see how it goes but I'm glad to have this goal down.

Took me long enough!

My link is to the right and the name of my shop is Whimsical Creations. Come and take a look!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Assateague Island

What a fun weekend we had. We love Assateague!

On Friday I had a busy day. I was working from the minute I got up to clean the house and pack and load up the car. I wanted to leave the house as soon as Griffin woke up from him morning nap. We were able to leave around 11:30. We went first to WalMart to do some last minute shopping for the trip. After that we went for a nutritious lunch at McDonalds. We took our time because we had some to spare. We then stopped at a gas station to get ice for the cooler and gas and cash from the ATM.

Next stop was the pediatric gastroenterologist for Evan's follow up appointment. They are again unhappy with his progress. I have also been unhappy with his progress lately. He has been doing this grunting thing in which he clears his throat. When I told the doc about it she asked how many times a day, "So does he do this 5, 10 times a day or what?"

I laughed because he does it more like 5-10 times an hour. He is constantly clearing his throat and tells me it is because it burns in his throat. Reflux. He has also stopped eating as well as he was before and having apnea episodes at night.

Long story short we are mixing up the meds and hoping to fix it that way. The problem is that he is resistant to medication. It will work for 2-3 months and then stop working. He is staying on the Prevacid and starting another medication as well. This new medication helps to clear the stomach faster so that he will have less stomach acid. We'll see.

It makes me sad that he is sick so often but he works through it and still plays hard. He is a happy and sweet kid.

After the doctor we headed to Harrisburg to pick up Daddio. He got a ride to work in the morning so I could just swing by and pick him up. We began our trip to Assateague. It started out fine but we hit a bunch of traffic and it took us 2 hours longer than it should have. I was so frustrated. We did find a really nice rest stop in Delaware and stopped there for awhile. The most frustrating part was that the boys didn't sleep at all.

Griffin usually takes two naps a day and was so tired when we got in the car after the doctor. He was almost asleep and then suddenly woke up and stayed that way the entire time. He finally fell asleep in the pack and play in the tent around 10:30. Poor kid. Evan was too excited to sleep but did sleep well in the tent also.

Our friends were awaiting our arrival and had a fire going and camp set up. We did have to set up our tent but had help and it wasn't too bad. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.

We woke up around 7 the next morning (way too early if you ask me) and went directly to the beach to watch the sunrise. It was gorgeous.
Our camp site was on the sand and only a short walk over the dune to the beach. There were wild ponies on the beach in the morning and it was just lovely. The kids had a great time. Evan kept called his friend Evan (yep, his name is Evan too) his cousin Evan. I guess he just knows that he loves his cousins the best so Evan must be one too. It was funny.

We went back and ate some breakfast and packed up. Then we headed to the beach.

Griffin couldn't get enough of the water and just loved the waves washing over him.

He didn't even care if they got his face, even though I did. Finally we got him away from the water to play in the sand for a little while but after about 5 minutes he wanted back in.

Ryan took him in the water for awhile and then brought him back to me. I was sitting on a camp chair watching Evan play in the sand. Griffin was shuddering (I say shudder because it was much more than a shiver) and was so cold. I wrapped him in a towel and held him tight. He laid his head on my chest and fell fast asleep. Ryan and Evan went walking down the beach.

At one point I was blissfully happy. I had my sleeping baby on my chest. He smelled so yummy. There was a nice breeze and it was a nice 85 degrees. I was watching Evan down the beach laying his head in Amy's lap and Ryan laying on the beach next to them. I was just so happy and content. I love little moments like that. I was thinking how blessed we are to have such wonderful children and such wonderful friends.

After the beach we cleaned up with a much needed shower and headed to Ocean City to find a fun place for the kiddos. All of them fell asleep in the car so we drove around a bit and then went to the Children's Place outlet. They had some really great deals.

Next it was the amusement park. Evan got to ride a go-cart all by himself and was so proud. You've got to click on this picture to see it enlarged in order to see the big grin on his face!
He had such a blast. There were also bumper boats and roller coasters and all kinds of rides. It was so much fun!

We ended the day with an all you can eat crab fest and then it was home.

Our drive home was much faster and easier. Both boys slept and I read. We got home at midnight and all went right to bed.

It was a great weekend. A whirlwind but so much fun. I would definitely do it again.

Our next big adventure is renting a trailer in the Poconos with the Mastracolas! Fun stuff.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Paperback Swap

You may have already heard of this but I was just told about this by a friend. It is a very cool site where you post your paperback books and get to pick free ones from others posted on the site. Very cool.

If you sign up and tell them I referred you I get credits! Just click on the icon below to get there and then sign up and it will be credited to my account.


Not in the mood

This week I have really not been in the mood to blog as you may have noticed. I am in the mood to read other's blogs just not to post on my own. I guess I haven't been feeling clever or witty. Today I decided to post that hilarious video below and then just sum up what we have been up to for the past week.

This past weekend a good Maryland friend was having a little scrapbooking get together so I decided to drive down. Ryan's sister, Lindsay, had called earlier in the week and said to bring Evan down to stay with them so he and his cousin (who are three days apart in age) could play together. He was so excited.

On the way down I got stuck in a major traffic jam due to an accident but other than that it was an unremarkable trip. I got down, dropped Evan off, finished several pages for the scrapbook, stayed up late with Camie, and stayed at her new apartment in Arlington. The following day I woke up and went to Lindsay's to hang out. The kids were grouchy from lack of sleep but still having fun. We met Cam for lunch at the California Tortilla and then drove home.

I took a nap when I got home and then got called in to work. Ugh.

On Labor Day we went to a big park by our house which I didn't even know about. It is called Memorial Lake and is near, or I guess on, Fort Indiantown Gap. We had a picnic lunch and rode paddle boats. Very fun.

We finished that day by having pizza cooked on the grill at our friend's farm. Try it sometime. Pizza cooked on the grill is so yummy. It also had her fresh tomato sauce made with her home grown tomatoes and fresh basil. Really, really good stuff. Then Evan and I took a turn riding the horse.

Of course my camera died the minute we got to the park so I have no pictures of this lovely day. Bummer.

The rest of this week has been spent doing normal things. Housework, piano lessons, working, library and doctor's visits.

This weekend we are going camping at Assateague Island with some good friends. Should be fun.
Well, there you have it and now I feel I am living up to my blogging duties.

Like, oh my gosh, totally watch this video.....

This is what is wrong with American education......Wow.

I'm not fat for my height. I'm short for my weight.