Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our little Picasso

Yogurt and a few minutes alone were all it took for Fin to have a
painting party in his high chair. I am not sure if he thought it was paint
or a mud mask. All I know is he had fun!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Health Update

Well, this may take awhile so I am going to write in parts.

As you may remember Fin had a long bout with infection that ended up with tubes in October. Since then he has been doing well but in about Feb he started getting infections again that cause his ears to leak fluid. Pretty gross. After a week of drops the infection seems to clear up.

About a month ago he started leaking again and after several rounds of oral antibiotics as well as drops they still aren't sure what is going on. They have seen him in the office several times. So many in fact that the other day Evan said, "Every Wednesday we take Griffin to the doctor." He isn't wrong.

They have vacuumed out his ears with this long metal tube and have also had him on the uber strong antibiotics to no avail. Last week they took a culture and I am waiting the call right now to find out what the decision is at this point.

Throughout all of this they have also realized that his expressive language (speaking) is not where it should be. I have been nervous about this for some time and wish I had done something about it sooner. No time for that though.

We are using the counties early intervention program to get him help in the speech area. They also think there might be some permanent hearing damage. We know his hearing isn't what it should be but don't know if it is simply from the infections or if it is permanent at this point. We can't test it until they completely clear up the infection. He has been so loud for so long and screams at the top of his lungs. I get frustrated with him and have tried so hard to get him to stop. Now we know why he is so loud. He simply can't hear himself. That breaks my heart that I have been frustrated or upset with something he cannot control. Hopefully we will have all the answers soon and can get him all the help he needs to keep up. It is good that we are realizing this at an early age.

I am really not too upset about the whole thing but every once in awhile I have a moment where my heart just breaks for my little one. I just want the world for him and want to be able to help him however I can. I just want this solved.

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day was just perfect. I woke up and could smell something yummy cooking. It was a delicious omelet with orange juice and bacon. The boys brought it to me and Fin kept growling (yes growling) for bacon. Then they brought me their gifts: Big comfy socks from Oscar, orange roses from Evan, and a 6 pack of Reeses Big Cups from Griffin. They know me so well!

On Thursday in preschool Evan filled out the following survey:

The best thing about my Mommy is: her hugs.
A Mommy's job is to: work.
I think my Mommy is beautiful because of her: love.
My mommy is a good: driver.
I love when my mommy: gives me hugs and kisses.
My mommy takes care of me by: making my bunk bed.
I love Mommy because: she is nice to me!

What a sweetheart.

After church on Sunday I took a long and wonderful nap. It was glorious and just what I needed. I loved it!

How sweet it is!

A little while ago I called Ryan on my way home from work. I was complaining about my swollen ankles and my back pain and blah blah blah....He asked what I needed and I said I just wanted a big glass of ice water and to lay in bed and read for awhile. When I got home there was a big glass of water on the steps with this little note on it. What a sweetheart. It is nice to feel loved and appreciated.

The Blogging Blahs!

I have a lot to say but sometimes it seems like it is too much or not enough. Am I contradicting myself enough?

Basically, so much has been going on that I haven't been able to pull myself out of it for long enough to blog. I am going to try and put at least a little bit down today for my own benefit.

I'm not fat for my height. I'm short for my weight.