Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nasty Comments

Due to some nasty comments from someone who was upset with Ryan for various reasons I will be moderating the comments for awhile. I caught them quickly but I was really upset that someone would take some ridiculous slight that they felt from Ryan and make a nasty comment on what is essentially a family journal.

Very upsetting.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wanna know why I'm amazing?

Dad. Wanna know why I'm amazing?

Why, Evan?

Because I can do really hard things.

True dat, bro. True dat.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Poor Uncle Zachary...

During this weekend's road trip, I took Evan to a bathroom at a random McDonald's. Evan lifted the lid of the toilet, and stuck along the inside of the bowl was residual fecal matter from the previous patron. Evan saw it and said, "Oh look! Uncle Zachary was here!"

Friday, October 10, 2008


Fin and his cars. My oh my, he loves his cars. Most of all Lightning McQueen. He simply adores him in all forms.

Today this is how I found them on the kitchen table when he took his after-lunch nap. I had to snap a picture. Don't you love the little piece of no bake cookie next to it. I like to think he was saving it for after he woke up. Silly kid.

As I was posting this he found them again. He walked up and said, "Oh! Hey, wook, it's wightening bean and Doc. Oh, Yummy, Cookie." Life is good for this little 2 year old.

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home

Now that Ryan walks home we all wait with anticipation to see him come around the corner and start walking through our backyard. Yesterday we met him at the top of the hill and I took these lovely pictures of the boys loving their daddy.

It's getting there!

Ok, so I loved this. Knowing that I was going to post pictures of my house made me REALLY clean it well rather than just a simple face lift. I am not done but I am getting there. I decided to post a lot of pictures and treat it as a mini house tour. I love to see what people's environments are like so I thought you might want to take a peek at us.

This is our family room which is treated as the most formal room of the house. It is generally pretty clean as we don't let the kids eat here and most of the toys are kept elsewhere. It is however the spot where we put the train set. It just seems to work best here.

My favorite things about this room are the three pictures hanging in the first picture and the old antique piano and table. The table came from Ryan's grandfather's house after he passed away a few years ago.

Here is the Master Bedroom. I love the color scheme but have not decided on a color for the walls and I am starting to feel like it drastically needs a paint job. I was thinking something in the taupe arena. Ideas? Thoughts?

I also want to put a wall like this somewhere. Where should it go?

Next I will post pictures of my kitchen , living room and kids rooms. I'm not sure exactly when but it may be after my trip to UT next week. We'll see.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


My principal told me I couldn't keep Sally anymore. Sally is our class pet, a rabbit. So this morning, I went to take Sally home. Her cage is too heavy to carry by myself, so I disassembled it and took the cage down in pieces. Then I took Sally down. When we got outside, she freaked out, jumped out of my arms, and ran under my van. I tried everything I could do to get her out: I bribed her with food, I poked her with a big stick, and I waited patiently. At one point she came out on her own, but as soon as I reached for her, she ran under another car. After about 45 minutes of Sally making a fool of me, I finally had to call Ruth. After all, the kids were going to be arriving soon! So Ruth walked across the street, and we brainstormed some ideas. She tried getting in the car and backing it up, but Sally just hopped right along under the car. So finally Ruth pulled forward more quickly (with me looking out for Sally's safety). Sally ran into the grass, where Ruth and I were finally able to corner her, and put her in her cage. Oy!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


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Man oh Man

So my house is a mess. I don't mean a little messy. I'm talking tornado in the house messy. How does it happen? I honestly think if I take one day off from cleaning this is what my house becomes. I have tried the flylady and honestly she is a bit too much for me. I still have taken some of her tips to heart but not all of them by any means.

Laundry is out of control.

I try to do it once a week and just keep on top of it the entire day but it literally takes me from 7:30am - 1am. Even then sometimes it runs over into the following day. And then we have the times like right now, when I am still folding clothes from the last time I did laundry but the huge piles have moved me to start again, before the assigned day. Do we really need this much stuff? The answer is no. But that is a topic for another post.

I thought maybe I would post pictures of my messy house in order to embarrass me enough to clean it. Or is this just a really clever stalling tactic? Who knows. We'll see if it actually works and then that will tell. Perhaps these will be the before shots and I'll post the after shots as well.

I didn't take pictures of the worst spots because I simply couldn't do it....I'll just post the after shots. Besides, I'd much rather take pictures of this:

Friday, October 03, 2008


Ok, so I had to post this. Last night as a girl's night out enrichment activity we went to a local college to see a new art exhibit that they have up. I was excited at the prospect of some adult company and entertainment as well as the exhibit itself. It was called The Maze and we were told that the artist, who is from Australia, received his inspiration on a visit to PA in the fall. He was inspired by the fall foliage, the fall decorations on people's homes, the corn mazes, and the many beautiful old church steeples that we have here in rural PA. I was expecting a glorious maze full of beatiful pictures of rural PA, churches and fall colors. Who knows. Sounds interesting, right?


I have been thinking about this ever since we saw it and basically, in the words of Michelle, "I felt like I was in the movie Beetlejuice." I'm not going to detail exactly what it was but suffice it to say, I did not get it.

Here are my feelings on art. I love art, in many types and kinds. My feeling is that art should be art just by looking at it. Perhaps by learning more about it it becomes more beautiful but it shouldn't have to be explained just to make sense, right? I actually really like modern art as well. I'm not opposed to new ideas or artistic ideas but again, I simply did not get it.

What do you guys think?

Fin sings for his dinner


If you're wondering what that phrase is that he keeps repeating at the end it is, "Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets, We're on our way. " I know. Hard to pick out, but that is really what he is saying. You can hear the actual song here. This is a long song and the part he is singing isn't until about 2:45 if you don't feel like listening to the whole song.


Thursday, October 02, 2008

Why I love the Fall

I love babies in hats and jackets and sweaters!

Wonderful Sister

I had to leave a link to my lovely sister's blog and her most recent post that I totally agree with. She has a way of putting things into perspective that I love. So, go and read her post here.

Thanks, April!

I'm not fat for my height. I'm short for my weight.