Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Evan quote

As we all know last week was Sept. 11. This was the first year that Evan learned about this tragedy. I'm pretty sure we have talked about it in the past but he was really into it this year.

On Thurs evening, out of the blue considering I hadn't said a word this year about 9-11, I was serving the family chicken pot pie. I said as I placed it on the table, "Be careful because it is pretty hot."

Evan said, "Is it as hot as those two buildings?"

It took me a second but then I remembered what day it was going to be on Friday.

Ryan said, "No, those buildings were much hotter. " and went on to explain a bit more of what happened that day.

Evan, "If the buildings were twins then how would people know which one to go in because they looked the same?"

Ryan, "Well, they had different numbers on them like their address so people knew which one they wanted."

Evan, "Graham and McKenzie (Ryan's twin brothers) looked the same too, right?"

Ryan, "Yes, they were in MeMe's tummy at the same time and looked very much the same. Some people had a hard time telling them apart. They had the same DNA and they looked the same. "

Evan, "That is kind of weird."

So we go on and all of us start eating and Evan says to himself under his breath, "Why would Jesus do that?"

It was really funny. Ryan did explain more to him and I think he understood.

I love this kid's mind. It never stops thinking about how things work and why things are the way they are. He wonders why Jesus does things and I seriously have trouble keeping up with him. He and Ryan have recently been watching the show, Mythbusters and it is so fun to watch him learn about the way things work and talk about them for days and days. I feel like I have to study just to answer his questions.


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Shaylynn said...

I miss my days with your boys. So cute! So very cute.

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