Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Closet, ugh

Ok, so I need to organize my closets. I have a lot of closet space but it seems like I can't come up with a decent system to get them truly organized. This is simply not a strongpoint of mine. Once things are organized I can keep a system and keep things fairly organized but creating the system is hard for me. I am not good at looking at a space and at what I have to go into that space and than doing what needs to be done. I would so much rather have someone do the initial set up for me.

I know you can pay people to do this for you but it is awfully expensive especially when it seems like I should be able to do it myself.

My friend Amy is such a great organizer. I have let her organize several things for me in the past. In fact she organized our move when we left MD. What a good friend, right?

I want a pretty closet space with a place for everything and everything in its place. sigh. I don't even know where to begin. I see all the pretty pictures of closets in magazines and I yearn for that but somehow I never seem to have that.

Any ideas? Any books out there that have helped you in the past? I am willing to do just about anything at this point.

What I am thinking I need to do first is get everything out and decide what exactly I have to store and what spaces I have. Than decide which space will be used for which things. That alone could take me some time.

I did find these helpful hints from Real Simple, which I love! Check them out if you are like me...

One crazy week

Last week started out with Oscar being sick. He had what I thought was a pretty basic cold. He seemed really stuffy but other than that fine. On Tuesday he had a high fever so we took him in and he did have an ear infection and was put on antibiotics for that.

On Wednesday he seemed fine and actually seemed to be getting better. His temp was pretty low and his stuffiness was clearing up. I thought we were almost better

Thursday morning around 11:30 or so as I was in the kitchen area I heard a strange noise. I looked behind me and Oscar (who was sitting on the floor in the living room) was not breathing and had mucus and spit up running down his face from his nose. He was struggling hard and not passing any air and was turning a dark shade of purple.

I ran to him and began to pull mucus out of his nose. Still not breathing. I hit his back. Still not breathing. By this time his lips were blue and I was beginning to panic. I then got a bulb syringe and began pulling mucus from his throat. It was thick and stringy and it helped him to pass some air but he was still struggling to breath. He would struggle and then stop and struggle and stop. He did this about 5 or 6 times and finally I just called 911. I felt I couldn't wait any longer.

Ryan came running, literally, home and I went with Oscar in the ambulance to the hospital. I hadn't showered yet that day and when I called I was in my pj's.I was able to put on some clothes and a hat but still had on slippers when we left. I also grabbed a diaper bag but didn't have any food or a change of clothes for Oscar.

Oscar was admitted to the hospital for 2 days and was released Saturday around noon. He had several more events while in the hospital but none of them were as bad as that first one. The final diagnosis is that his cold aggravated his reflux which, if you remember from earlier posts, can cause breathing problems. What they think was happening is that the mucus was running down his throat into his stomach and eventually his stomach had enough and he would spit up. The spit up was mainly mucus and was really thick and made it difficult if not impossible for him to breath through. They gave him breathing treatments to break up the mucus and upped his reflux meds to help with that issue.

At this point he is doing well and has had no events since Friday morning.

Saturday night both he and Evan had the stomach flu and were vomitting all night long. Sunday they didn't feel well but were much better. Than on Monday Fin caught the bug and he threw up all day. He seems much better today and now Ryan and I are keeping our fingers crossed that we don't get it as well. It seems like everyone we know, no matter where they live, have been hit with this crazy stomach flu. It is awful!

Anyway, we made it through and hopefully we won't have to deal with any more of the apnea issues ever again!
Why does Camie take such great pictures with all of my kids? I guess it's because she is too cute as well.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

If you liked that, you'll love this....

Ok, if you guys enjoy musicals and comedies than get ready for this. It is called Dr. Horrible's sing along blog and it is not only hysterical but seriously good music. It is around 45 minutes long but so worth it. Set aside some time to watch it soon. I love it!

So click here for a seriously enjoyable time.


I love Doogie

I love it. Not much else to say.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Weight loss is going well. I joined the Y and they have free babysitting so we have been going every morning. It is great. I have lost 7.5 lbs so far!

The house is looking good and we are getting some projects done that I have wanted for awhile. We also have had FHE and I am planning on getting to the temple in Feb.

Evan Turns 5!

What a big day! Five is such a big step and I can hardly believe my baby is so big.

We had a great party on Saturday. As you may remember Evan was so excited to have a jungle/safari birthday party. We had games and crafts all planned around the theme. We made lions out of paper plates and then played jungle animal bingo. We then had a lion pinata that was so cute and of course had a fun cake. It really was fun and Evan was in heaven the entire time.

I can't tell you how excited he was for this day. He had a paper chain to count down the days so that I wouldn't have to tell him every day how many days until his party. So cute. Now that it has come and gone he loves to tell everyone that he is five. He also knows that when you are five you get to go to school so he keeps talking about going to school with Daddy next year. He can hardly wait.

Evan is such a good boy. He has a heart of gold and loves so much. He is always thinking of others. If you can't find Evan try looking in his art room and 9 times out of 10 that is where he will be. He loves to have an art project and every day tells me what new idea he has come up with. A good friend who knows Evan well got him a ream of paper for his birthday and he was so excited that it was all his. I was happy too because you wouldn't believe the amount of paper we go through around here. He loves to write letters and hang signs on the front door for anyone who might be coming over. Evan loves to read and taught himself to read before he was 3. He has only improved and now he rarely needs help when reading. He loves to read stories to his little brothers every day and they so enjoy listening to him. It is so cute. He loves his brothers so much and is always thinking of their welfare. If you ever need a good cuddle, then Evan is your boy. He will snuggle with me a few times every day and won't let anyone leave the house without a big goodbye hug and kiss. All I have to do is say, "right here" and point to where I want my kiss and he will deliver. He has an adorable giggle that we hear several times a day. Evan is just a very happy kid who is always willing to help out and loves to make others happy.

Aren't we lucky to have him?

The adorable pinata with kids awaiting the moment to begin!

So much Candy!!

Evan took this candle blowing very seriously.
The cake was awesome. It was made of cupcakes and looked
like a jungle with a river running through it.

Evan and Camie.
So cute!

Friday, January 02, 2009

The New Year

So here it is, 2009.

This year I am feeling excited about making new goals for the year and really changing things up a bit this year. In the past I haven't really even bothered making resolutions because I figured I could make goals whenever the feeling struck me, not just on the new year. But this year, I feel inspired!

Let's hope this feeling sticks.

Today was a good and extremely productive day. A great way to start a new year. For awhile now I have wanted to clean out the unfinished area of our basement that we have been using as a storage space. I also wanted to finish cleaning and organizing the garage. We had a ton (and I don't feel I am exaggerating when I use that term) of stuff waiting to either be sold or donated. I kept it in the hopes that I would have a yard sale. Well, last summer I had a baby and a husband who was living away. Not conducive to yard sale working. So I started last week making trips to salvation army.

After 4 trips there is still at least one carful of stuff to go to some needy folks. We had a lot of junk. Some of it was pretty good stuff. I just didn't want to store it in the hopes that some day I might need it. I am definitely not a pack rat.

So the storage area and the garage are still not completely organized but my goodness they have so much less stuff. You can walk and move freely and find what it is you are looking for. As Griffin would say in an adorable whisper, "It's AMAZING!" That is his new favorite phrase.

So now all we have to do is finish organizing and find a place for everything we are keeping. Then we will be getting heat and air into the storage area and a few carpet remnants to turn it into a playroom. Not just any old playroom but a playroom that people won't see when they first enter my home and therefore does not have to be cleaned 50 times a day. Ahhhh, sweet relief. Plus, this will free up so much extra space in my family room for bookshelves or a desk or whatever I decide to use it for. I also plan on setting up a craft table in the play room to begin working more on my scrapbooking and sewing projects I am working on.

I feel inspired!

My big goal of 2009 is to lose weight. Now I know this is a goal that half of America has started today but I feel I am ready and I have been gearing up for awhile for this one. I need to lose the baby weight and more. I would like to lose around 50 lbs but I am starting with a goal of 30 and will work from there. I like success.

I also want some of the spiritual activities to become more of a habit than they currently are. We haven't been so great at having a formal FHE and instead just have family time. I also want to make it to the temple more often. This is a tough one since it is so far away but I know I can make it work if I try harder and I know compared to most people in the world I do live relatively close to two temples.

Well, that was wordy. I began this post thinking it would be a short one but just kept going and going. It was more for me than you but if you are still reading you must really like me!

Happy New Year!

I'm not fat for my height. I'm short for my weight.