Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Recent Happenings

I found these fun hats and tails at Michaels for way cheap.
Aren't they adorable?
My kids would not take them off the entire first day we had them.
They walked to the park with them on and played outside.
It was awesome.

Griffin was a blue puppy so of course he acted like Blues Clues all day.
Evan was a tiger and Griffin kept calling him "Tigress"
from Kung Fu Panda.
It was really cute.

Yes, these kids are in their pajamas.
We love to play in PJ's for as long as we can!

Some cute pictures of Oscar.
He love love loves his bathtime!

Oscar's new trick!
He pulls up on anything available.
He is at that stage where he wants to walk and move
ALL the time.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Love it!

A friend introduced me to this lovely store called Wisteria and I found this wonderful shelf that I am seriously wanting for my bedroom. What a lovely way to place all the books I have stacked around my room. A bit pricey for me, but I'll keep hoping for a really good sale.

Monday, March 23, 2009

A lot going on

So we have a lot going on right now. So much so that I am finding it impossible to blog. Not just the time but I am mentally not ready to blog right now. I am taking a hiatus. I'm not sure how long this will last and I may come on every once in awhile to post pictures or cute stories I don't want to forget. Keep checking in.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Cloth Diapering

So I have finally begun to use cloth diapers almost exclusively for Oscar. I am still using disposable for the nights and also if we go to the day care at the gym as I don't feel comfortable asking them to change a cloth diaper. Anyway, I am using a mix of diapers. A lot of people have asked questions so I am going to detail what I am using and what I like best.

The kits that I have made are great. They are easy to read and to make, once you get the hang of it. I also think they make a great diaper. I do not recommend the inserts that come with them, though. They fit nicely and are also pretty cute. I have a few waiting to be made out of some really great fabrics.

I am using all pocket diapers. What this means is that I have what appears to be a diaper, only made of cloth, with either velcro or snap attachments. It has an opening either at the top of the backside of the diaper or with the kits it is on the outside of the front of the diaper (which I prefer as it is less messy). You place an insert into the pocket and this is what is the absorbent part of the diaper. The outside is made of a fabric called PUL which is basically waterproof without being plastic. I feel like these wash up nicer and also dry faster as well and you can pick your level of absorbancy.

I bought a few of the Bum genuis one size fits all pocket diapers and I really like these. To be honest if I had the money I would buy these exclusively. They fit nicely, come in great colors and are very high quality. I do not like that the pocket has a flap over it. I prefer to be able to shake the insert out into my diaper pail, rather than having to reach in for it. But this is a small thing. Also, I have had no leaks with these diapers at all. They do live up to the one size claim and fit both Oscar and Griffin equally well.

I also tried a couple of the FuzziBuns pocket diapers. I like these alright. They do not come in a one size fits all option which means they would cost more in the long run. I also feel like they do not fit as well around the legs. I felt like there was gapping involved no matter how I put them on. They are definitely high quality and also do not have the flap over the pocket which I prefer.

While looking online I happened to find these diapers called Coolababies. They are made in China and are exclusively sold on ebay. I decided to buy some to try them out. The thing that caught my interest is that they are SO much less expensive than the other cloth diaper options, even making them. I was able to buy 8 diapers with the inserts and shipping for around $64. That is very cheap in comparison. I looked to find what other moms were saying about them and they seemed to be getting good reviews.

They got here very quickly and looked great. They are a one size fits all pocket diaper with snaps at the top. They look like a one size version of the fuzzi bunz. They do not have the flap over the pocket so I was happy about that. They have 3 different settings for sizing. They are able to fit Griffin and Oscar nicely. Oscar has been wearing them for several days with no problems. We did have one leak but I think that was a heavy day and would have happened anyway.

Inserts: I do prefer the inserts that came with the Bum Genius diapers. They are adjustable in length and seem to absorb more. You can buy them separately here. I am planning on getting a lot of them as I feel they work best. Most of the diapers come with a free insert. I am planning on getting more of the coolababy diapers and then purchasing more inserts. This will still end up cheaper than the Bum Genius.

Liners: I also bought these liners called Bummis flushable liners and they make this process so much easier. It is like a paper towel roll of really soft and biodegradable liners. You just put one in the diaper and then when you have a BM to clean up it comes right off with the liner. It makes life so much easier and I highly recommend it. They are pretty inexpensive but it is not a necessity just something that is nice to have.

I just got a tall laundry basket and lined it with a canvas laundry bag. I keep it in the bathroom and have an air freshener next to it. It hasn't been smelly or anything. I do a load of diapers every other day and they are so fast and easy. I thought the cleaning part would be a pain but it has not been a problem whatsoever.

We do not have a sink near our laundry so I also invested in the bum genius diaper sprayer. It attaches to the back of your toilet and then you can spray off the poop directly into the toilet for easy clean up. This was something we felt we needed but I wouldn't get it until trying the cloth for awhile and seeing how things are working for you and if you feel you need it.

I did buy a wet bag to take on outings. I was able to find one at Target but it was a target in Utah. I have not seen them at any of our local stores and think if you live in a less trendy baby area than Utah you may have to order them online.

Anyway, I feel really good about doing this for both our budgets and my kids. I am hoping to get Griffin potty trained soon so I don't have to worry about this anymore but he doesn't seem to want to cooperate. *sigh*

Hope this helps.


As most of you know I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We are most commonly known as Mormons. There has been a lot of questions lately about our church. The show about polygamy on HBO recently aired some controversial material on our church. Also Mitt Romney being in the spotlight has also put the spotlight on our church. Many people have questions about our church and I recently saw this post on C Jane. If you at all interested watch the video. It is wonderful. She is a lovely young woman discussing her religion (LDS) in such an eloquent and thoughtful manner. It was great.

Go here to find it.


Just weighed in at work and I'm down 20lbs! I was so excited and just plain amazed! This is really the scale I have been going by because it is at a medical center and is calibrated correctly. So not quite Biggest Loser fast but 20 lbs in approximately 2 months is not too shabby! Now I am fully motivated to win my own biggest loser competition that I entered with some people from church. I need the cash prize to get a new wardrobe this summer.

That's the goal. I want none of my current pants to fit me! LOL

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I don't get it

Ok, so Evan watches all kinds of movies without getting scared. He is currently totally obsessed with Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He loves it. He has a shirt he wants to wear every day, a calendar and we need to purchase the movie soon since we have rented it several times from Red Box.

He also loves other movies that have what I think might be "scary" scenes for kids. Such as; Aladdin, The Lion King, Nanny McFee, as well as others.

Why then is he scared to the point of shaking by all of the Baby Einstein movies. Yes, you read this correctly. The BABY EINSTEIN movies. Some of them he is better equiped to handle but don't you dare put on Baby Van Gogh or Baby Newton. He seriously freaks out. I don't get it. I have had several discussions with him about it and still I don't get it. I think for some reason he got it stuck in his mind and now he won't even stay in the same room if I put one on for Griffin or Oscar. Weird.

Am I mean that I do not do anything to comfort him about this? I don't want him to think there is any credence to being scared of these BABY movies. If this were a valid fear I would help him more but seriously, Baby Einstein. I can't handle it. It drives me crazy. What's worse is that he used to watch these on a daily basis when he was little and loved them SO much.

Any ideas because it seriously drives me insane.

I'm not fat for my height. I'm short for my weight.