Friday, July 24, 2009

Oscar Walks!


To buy or not to buy....

Ok, so is this a good deal or not....

I really want this storage ottoman from Target. It is on sale this week for $64. It is leather and I would get it in brown for my formal living room. What do you think? Yes, or no?


Just a quick update to let everyone know that Griffin FINALLY starts therapy tomorrow. I am so anxious to see how it goes and what kinds of ideas they have for us.

Right now I am focusing on trying to potty train him in August. We have done the basics and from everything I have read (about training an autistic child) he is ready. August here we come. Wish us luck.

I just can't wait to get ideas about how to deal with the daily stuff that isn't so normal for us. And, hey, if you have an idea feel free to send it on down.


Oscar enjoyed the ball pit immensely!

We had fun a couple of weeks ago at a local amusement park. I figured it was the best place for us this year because there is no entry fee and I wasn't about to pay to go somewhere that I couldn't ride any rides! You just pay for the rides themselves.

If anyone in PA would like to go again with us this year we would love to! It was a blast!

I just love Griffin's face in this photo.
Thanks to Uncle Zach for helping out all day and playing with the kiddos.

Evan, Griffin and I are in line for a ride!

The Frogger was the favorite!
Look at Griffin's face!

Griffin buried his whole body in the pit.

Oscar was so tired but such a good sport after a long day.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Evan Rides a Bike

One Saturday afternoon Evan decided he wanted to ride his bike without training wheels. Ryan took them off and they practiced and practiced. It took a few days but by the end of the week he had it down and now, after a few weeks, he is an expert.

I'll admit, it still makes me so proud to watch how good he is. He loves to ride over hills and try "stunts". That makes me a little nervous but I love to watch him. For the first time he is becoming a rough and tumble boy and I love it. He is constantly covered in bruises and cuts and scrapes, which I don't love, but he doesn't even seem to notice anymore. Crazy kid.

This video is from when he was first learning. We have this shopping area that hasn't opened yet right behind us and for now, it is the perfect riding spot.


I'm not fat for my height. I'm short for my weight.