Thursday, January 28, 2010

Evan's Birthday Party

Evan turned 6 without me blogging about him so I am playing catch up.

Evan is a wonderful little boy to have around the house. He is so helpful and I sometimes fear that we expect too much of him since he is always so good and responsible. Of course he has his moments of craziness but we really lucked out with him.

Evan is constantly thinking and his brain is always running to new ideas. He is constantly asking questions, sometimes about things we talked about days ago. He just keeps mulling things over and figuring out different ways to do things. He loves to figure out what words you can make with the letters of another word and how many letters are in people's names. You can always find Evan with a project. We got him a ream of paper for his birthday and I am hoping it will last a month. Can't stifle creativity!

He has done so well in school this year and is now working with the first grade class for reading. He just simply loves to read and reads book after book.

Funny story. The librarian from Evan's school was bragging about him to another teacher at Ryan's school and didn't even realize it was Ryan's son she was talking about. All she knew was that she was impressed by this little boy who loves to read.

Evan and Samantha

Evan is obsessed with Star Wars. He loves Anakin and Obi Wan. We had a Star Wars theme but we had it at the swimming pool. It was fun.
Evan as Anakin for Halloween

Samantha and Jackson

Oscar loves the water

One of my all time favorites of Griffin

We love you, Evan, and think you are amazing!

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Lindsay said...

We, too, think you are just amazing Ebs! Love you!

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