Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On May 23 all the Stewarts head to NJ in honor of Graham. You can read about past years here. This year we had several things going on. We decided to celebrate Ryan and Griffin's birthdays while there on Saturday. On Sunday McKenzie spoke after returning home from his mission to Russia. We also helped Zachary out just a bit with his Eagle Scout project which is a very nice neighborhood garden. It was a busy weekend but it was wonderful. We had perfect weather and just had a seriously good weekend together.

I decided to celebrate Griffin's birthday with the family for several reasons. I thought it would be easier for him to have a party in a family setting with people he loves and who he knows love him. He is comfortable around them and does not get as upset with the loudness and the craziness when it is family. I just don't feel he would even want a friend party at this point.

We were told by his teachers to get him a bike because he needs work on his pedalling and gross motor skills. I was happy because that is what I wanted to get for him anyway. We got him a Lightning McQueen bike with training wheels. He also got the matching helmet and knee pads. He is all set to go!

We had all the kids put streamers on their scooters and bikes and even some of the adults and then we had a bike parade across the street at the school. It was really a great time. I hope it is a tradition that we will start and keep doing for a long time. I loved it!

Griffin did have some moments when he was overwhelmed but he knows how to cope. He finds a quiet place to go and regroup. It is harder for me than him, I think, when he has one of his moments. He knows how to cope better than I do, I guess. What a great kid.

There was a local carnival last week and you could see it from our house when the lights were on. When we walked up to it Griffin called out, "Let the fun begin!" He is full of fun one liners.

Sunday was a nice day also. McKenzie gave a wonderful talk and it was so nice to hear more about his mission. I was asked to sing and that is always an honor. Hallie also cut two teeth! I can't believe she is almost 6 months old!

We had a dinner after church and it was just so nice to be together. As our kids get older it becomes more difficult to find time for us all to be together.

Another successful Graham day.


Lindsay said...

We had a fantastic time, even among the chaos. We love seeing you guys, your kids, and the rest of the family, and I especially love the sweet relationships between each cousin. Thanks for recapping the weekend so wonderfully.

Anna McKeown said...

How wonderful! Extended family is the best. So glad you could get together. Miss you!

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