Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oscars Evaluation

Last Friday Oscar had his evaluation from Early Intervention services through our county. The woman who came to evaluate him was wonderful and I felt like she did a wonderful job with him. She got right down on his level and went with him in play. She did direct him as well. He responded well to her and I was just impressed with the entire meeting.

After playing with him for about 5 minutes she turned to me and said, "Mom. This child is not autistic." I was pretty sure that he wasn't but having one boy who is can often mean that you have another. He does have some attributes that made us think he might be but the overall picture did not seem that way. Hearing it from the experts made me breathe a huge sigh of relief.

He does need speech therapy and they are adding a sensory component. Oscar is what they call a "sensory seeker." He wants to feel things in the extreme. He bangs his head on purpose, bites toys, pillows, and now his siblings, he slides down the stairs on his stomach as fast as he can. There are ways we can try and fill this gap before he starts doing these behaviors and hopefully stop them. One way is to get him a little mini trampoline with a handle. That is going on the Christmas list.

His language is coming along very quickly. He said three new words during the evalution. I think a few months of therapy and he will be right where he needs to be. His issue is only due to the problem with his ears.     

It was a huge relief that now he will be getting the help he needs.


Leslie said...

you're so lucky to have such wonderful resources, what great news. your kids all sound so fun and they are all SO cute. seriously, cute cute kiddos. :)

your linens are on their way, by the way! postage was about ten bucks. hope you enjoy them!

~ Amy said...

HUGE relief!!
I just want to say too that are a good momma!

Not Just Another Jennifer said...


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