Monday, October 18, 2010

Scary stuff

Last week we had a scare. Evan was with Ryan at the school while Ryan helped with intramurals. They were outside playing at the park that is right next to the school. Ryan was not far from Evan at all.

A man stopped and told Evan that if he wanted candy he would need to get in his car. Evan ignored him and they drove off. Evan didn't tell Ryan right away. He told me about it an hour or so later. He was obviously confused and a little bit scared. He was upset at all the questioning and when we told him we were going to call the police he was worried that they would arrest him since he couldn't tell them what the man looked like.

The police came to our home and took his statement. They also pulled him out of school the following day to ask more questions.

After an investigation the detective found out that it was a high school kid playing a prank. I do not think it is funny at all. He will most likely be charged with disorderly conduct.

This was a big deal for Evan and for all of us. It brought up emotions you don't want to have and thoughts you really don't want to think about. I had a hard time with the what ifs for a day or so. I just couldn't stop thinking about what could have happened.

Evan was so proud of himself, and righfully so, for making the right choice. We have since had many conversations about what to do if it ever happens again. We are trying hard to make sure that Griffin knows too. He is the one I mainly worry about as he just doesn't understand that people could ever want to hurt him.

I'm thankful for Heavenly Father for watching out for us yet again.

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lisa said...

Oh my goodness that was Evan! I saw both stories on the news and couldn't believe it when they said that the boys did it as a prank! I am glad that Evan is okay. Those boys should be charged with a lot more then disorderly conduct. How about child luring and attempted kidnapping. That was so not funny at all.

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