Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jesus Knows

Recently we were looking for a new day care situation. We loved our old day care provider. She was kind, loving, flexible and not expensive but she was moving away. :( So we had some choices to make. We decided to hire someone to be in our home to watch the kids. This person would also be responsible for taking the kids to and from school and some light housework. All while I sleep off the night's work.

We interviewed a couple of nice women and then we discussed. We were pretty sure we knew who we wanted and Evan also shared this opinion. We said a prayer as a family and talked about how the spirit answers our prayers and what it feels like inside.

Evan was a bit confused but so earnest in his desire to feel the answer. He said the prayer and then waited and waited to feel his answer. Ryan finished the prayer for him and we talked a lot about what it feels like.

It is difficult to explain in language that child can understand. We talked about warm and burning feelings but he is too literal for that. I think he finally understood.

A few days later we were making a choice about whether or not to switch Evan to Ryan's school since he technically should be going there anyway and only went to the other school so he could take the bus to daycare.

As we were driving one day this converstation ensued.

Me: "Evan have you thought more about where you want to go to school."

Evan: "Yes. I don't want to leave Mrs. Carter." (neither did we. She was awesome!)

Me: "Well, I really want you to think about all the things we have talked about."

Evan: "I will miss my friends."

Me: "But you will make new friends and they will be from your neighborhood. You will also be in school with Daddy and you will be at the school where you will be next year."

Evan: "I think Jesus knows."

Me: "Right."

Evan: "Mom, remember how we asked who should be our babysitter and he told us, Megan? I think that he knows which school I should go to so why don't we just ask him?"

I keep learning things from this little one.

Health Update

Oh the health woes of our children.

Evan: Healthy. Doing great. Hasn't been sick in awhile (knock on wood). Still on reflux meds but only needs his evening dose and I am thinking we can get rid of that at the next appt. Woo Hoo!

Griffin: Other than the obvious autism he is doing very well.

Oscar: A royal mess. :( This poor kid has a lot of junk going on. He has been on antibiotics at least once a month since August. He has had croup twice, swine flu with secondary pnuemonia which was scary, 6 ear infections, and a sinus infection. All since August.

He also has raging eczema, constant mucus in his nose.

They are sending him to an ENT for possible tubes. Yes, please.

They are sending him to an allergist who will also check him for asthma. They are thinking that he may have allergy induced asthma. The mucus keeps getting worse and plugging his ears and then turning into infections.

The asthma sounds right to me because he has always had breathing issues. He has been in the hospital several times due to apnea that is worsened by colds or infections. I just hope they find the answer and get him feeling better.

The good thing is that he is so happy through it all.


We went to the gastroenterologist today and she had gained 4 oz. It is a different scale but it still made me happy. She had also grown 2 inches. I really really wish she would gain some weight.

I think she looks way too skinny and a bit sickly. She is still the most beautiful thing I have ever seen but it just makes me nervous to see her so skinny.

They got her reflux at a fairly good point but she does still spit up quite a bit. We are going to try more formula to get her more calories and using one that is antiregurgitation. sigh. expensive. They also feel like she does not have the muscle tone they are hoping for. She needs more tummy time and for us to work with her on this.

She has an appointment in April for a sweat electrolyte test and also an appointment with an endrocrinologist. They are looking for thyroid issues and glandular issues as well.

She is such a sweetheart. Today she was just giggling so much. She does this adorable little snort when she laughs. I will try and get a video of it because you just can't understand until you see it.

We are truly blessed. I feel like although we have these trials that they are relatively small and we have the ability to get them taken care of. More importantly we are able take advantage of the power of the priesthood and priesthood blessings. In fact, I think I will do that tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Little girl

So Hallie is a tiny little thing. At first it was cute. Then it was strange. (I'm used to chubby babies) Then it was worrisome. Then it was scary. Now we are back to worrisome.

She has not been gaining weight for the past 6-8 weeks but we really haven't been too worried. A couple of weeks ago our pediatrician told me to bring her in for weekly weight checks so we can graph her weight and really see what we are dealing with.

Last Friday she lost 3 or 4oz. At the time I wasn't too worried. On Monday he called me and said that he wanted to run "the gamut" of tests to make sure that they weren't missing anything. This is a critical time in her development and if something is going on they really wanted to make sure they caught it. Then he mentioned cystic fibrosis, which totally freaked me out.

I took her within hours to the lab to get the testing done. He had ordered several blood tests, urine, fecal fat, and a sweat electrolyte test. We got the blood work taken care of and the urine and fecal will just be a matter of time. The sweat test is scheduled for April 6.

He called me today with the results he has so far and it looks like hyperthyroidism. They haven't ruled anything out completely or made a final diagnosis. They are running more tests with the blood they had on hand and will know soon.

I am much happier with this than the alternative, as you can imagine.

Man, these kids are giving me a run for the money. None of them are too sick...just enough to drive me crazy. I do feel blessed and really don't feel like we deal with all that much. As someone once told me, it doesn't always seem huge to you when you are going through it. Sometimes it seems harder looking from the outside in than being right in the middle of it.

I find at times that it is harder for me when those I love are going through something and I can't help them at all then when I am going through something. Maybe I feel more in control. Who knows.

Prayers are always welcome.

I'm not fat for my height. I'm short for my weight.