Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oscar update

I feel like I have missed out a lot recently.

I completely missed blogging about Oscar's birthday. This kid is so funny, sweet, charming, loving, handsome, quirky, quick witted, and FULL of personality. For someone so little he is just full of life. I feel like if Oscar could tell us his motto it would be, "Go big or go home!"

When he does something, he takes it all the way. Whether it is climbing onto a table and then jumping off, or jumping up and landing on his behind, or running outside naked and climbing up the playset before I can get to him, or throwing every toy he can find down the stairs just to see what happens, or growling at anyone who gets too close to his sister Hallie, or kissing me a hundred times in a row, or playing intensely with his trains, he gives it all he's got.

He loves to dance and does it whenever he hears the smallest bit of music. A fun cell phone ring can get him going and distract him from anything that might be bothering him at the time.

He recently got tubes in his ears. (happy day) He has been doing so much better ever since and does not have the mucus, the sore throat, or the problem with his ears so far. Keep your fingers crossed. He also began using more words almost immediately. The doctor told us that the mucus in his ears was so thick and nasty and that he most likely had not heard much of anything for the past year. He was surprised Oscar had any words at that point. Made me so sad to hear that. Poor baby. He is working on catching up.

Oscar has no fear. He will climb, jump, run, roll, touch, pull, push, hop, on anything and anywhere. This is one adventurous kid. He is also an extremly messy child. sigh. He is always covered in dirt and bruises. I have tried to wash off many bruises before realizing they were not dirt.

One thing about Oscar is his love of water. He really loves the water so much. The bath is his favorite thing and he will play in it for hours if we let him. When we turn the water on he puts his wide open mouth directly under the faucet. Crazy kid. He uses the side of the tub as a slide and crashes all over. He just loves water. I have never seen anything like it. When he was just a baby he would put his face in the fountains at the splash park and laugh and laugh while the other kids his age were screaming if it got their faces at all. If I turn on the water anywhere near him he will come running and watch out, because he will dive right in clothes and all.

Oscar, we love love love you!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Great post on autism

This post on Mormon Mommy Wars today was so real to me about living with the day to day realities of autism and how to deal with it. I was most struck by the similarities in handling the autistic child. It is so important not to push and not to force. She puts it so well here.


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